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Deep Sea Fishing
Located in Delray Beach, Florida Luxury Treatment Center is located just off the Atlantic Ocean. People come from every corner of the world to experience the world class sport fishing opportunities located here in Delray Beach. At Luxury Treatment Center we want to assist our patients in relaxing during their downtime and learn that life does not have to include drugs or alcohol to be fun and exciting. Our clients have the option of spending the day sport fishing for marlin or just drifting offshore for snapper. Whichever your choice we will make sure you are safe and sober during your downtime at Luxury Treatment Center.

Deep-Sea fishing at our Luxury Treatment Center can be one of the most spiritual experiences along with one of the most fun experiences you have while beginning your recovery. Whether you just want to relax on the boat or give your luck over to the ocean to try and catch a prize fish, being on the ocean is a beautiful experience and can instill in you the reminders of what it’s like to be living in the lap of luxury. You can start to experience how pleasant the things you enjoy are, now that you are sober. Deep-sea fishing is fun, energetic, peaceful, and relaxing all at the same time. The gentle rock of the ocean and the quiet whistle of casting your line out into the water is probably some of the most exquisite down time you will find at our Luxury Treatment Center. Feel alive again with the thrill of deep-sea fishing. The amount of accomplishment you will experience when you finally catch that fish that has been eluding you all day, will give you that sense of achievement you may not have felt in a long time during your drug or alcohol use.

Finding things that are of the utmost luxury and fun can sometimes be difficult in sobriety and that’s what Luxury Treatment Center is here to do for you. With Luxury Treatment Center’s deep sea fishing experience you can once again find what you truly love to do in sobriety that is filled with phenomenal fun. Deep Sea fishing also is an experience if you enjoy it, you can continue to do outside of Luxury Treatment Center. If you find yourself full of joy while deep fishing you may realize it is a bit of a spiritual experience for you. Deep-sea fishing puts you in a place where you are surrounded by nothing but water, its quiet, peaceful, and patient. All of these are things someone of your caliber needs to have in their life from time to time. Plus nothing is more rewarding then going out and catching that fish you have always wanted a picture with. Deep-sea fishing is the definition of luxury fun, spending time on a yacht or boat out in the Florida sunshine, fishing doesn’t get much more elegant than this and if you want to get dirty you can choose to!

Either way Luxury Treatment Center will make sure you are safe and having the most fun possible during your time deep sea fishing. This is an experience not everyone gets to enjoy. It is exclusive to you at our Luxury Treatment Center.

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