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Gourmet Food
When we developed Luxury Treatment Center we set out to be the most lavishly exquisite addiction treatment program available. Everything is provided with the utmost elegance and luxury in mind. By providing impeccable cuisine and service we feel we have surpassed our own expectations. No detail has gone unnoticed and we have strived to take every aspect of our luxury treatment center including our meals to new heights. By doing so we believe we will be more than capable of taking your life to new heights. Finding meaning in life while getting clean can be hard sometimes, so if you would? Allow us here at luxury treatment center to show you how. Starting from the minute you arrive to your elegant dining experience we will consistently bring to you the stunning beauty of the simple things and the elegance of the exquisite. In an environment such as luxury treatment center surrounded by the treasures we like to describe as “a cut above the rest” we will allow you to focus on the finer details of your recovery such as the gourmet food.

For many drug and alcohol users, drug and alcohol abuse made food either an indulgence or a rarity. Food was no longer a pleasure but a necessity. When individuals of your status commit to a “drying out” period you want to know that your supreme tastes and cuisine preferences will be catered to. Our gourmet food will awaken your palate with sensual flavors. Reminding you of how good life can be without drugs and alcohol. Catering to make your favorite meals our gourmet food is the best of the best because that is what you deserve. Not only will our gourmet food awaken the senses again it will also give you the best nutrition, allowing you to become healthy and active again while indulging yourself in the delights of elegant gourmet food.

We know you are of a refined taste and have a passion about the kind of food you eat that’s why our gourmet food meets the culinary arts standards. Also we know that most gourmet foods in society’s terms usually go with a glass of fine wine. At luxury treatment center we want to give you the ability to see the beauty in your restaurant experience or dinner experience without alcohol. Food in many cultures is love. You can learn the beauty of what it means to sit with the people you care about in your life and share an elegant meal. Only the best of the best know refined cuisine when they see it and we know you will appreciate the elegance and sophistication of every meal we prepare for you.

Nourishing your body can help you to nourish your spirit. Make sure you nourish your body and soul with the elegance of Luxury Treatment Center’s gourmet dining.

Life deserves to be beautiful now that you have made a commitment to get sober. So let it begin to be beautiful at Luxury Treatment Center. Be beautiful and elegant with everything, from your body, to your meals, to your soul, and your spirit.

“Il cibo è amore”, food is love.

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